Arts, Beats & Eats!

Do you like hearing sick beats live while looking at art and eating delicious food? Yeah, me neither. Lol JK of course I do! And I’ll bet you do too. Arts, Beats & Eats is happening in downtown Royal Oak September 2-5, and we’d love to meet you there! If you don’t know, Royal Oak is our home base and since the festival is happening literally down the road from us, it’s a “no brainer” for us to be there and mingle with the community and OFFICIAL Driving School families.

Admission is $5 before 3PM and $10 after 3P, and is basically form 11AM-11PM with the exception of the last day which ends at 9PM. Keep an eye our for people walking around with OFFICIAL Driving School shirts. See you there!

…Rock on!!