Drive IRL

(Alexa, play “Eye of the Tiger”.) It all comes down to this moment. Your whole life has led you to this. There is no try: there is only – do or do not. What am I talking about? Well, I’m glad you asked! So, what I’m saying is that if you want to finish your Segment 1 driver education before you start school in the fall, then now is your last chance to do so! Segment 1 is 24 hours of class time split into 12 sessions that are 2 hours each. Plus, you’ll need to do 6 hours of behind the wheel In-Car Lessons and 4 In-Car Lessons as an in-car observer. 

This usually takes about a month to complete, which is why you’ll need to start looking now for a class with openings for the first week of August to get your Segment 1 done before you start school in the beginning of September (most of you anyway). Of course you don’t have to finish it before school starts… buuutttt it sure would make life a lot less chaotic for you and your parent/guardian(s) once the school schedule kicks in! No pressure, though. You don’t need to CLICK HERE to sign up for an August Segment 1 class and make your fall schedule easier.