JOY75 Discount Code Extended Until December 23rd!

We have some exciting news to share! Official Driving School is thrilled to announce that we’re extending the validity of our JOY75 discount code. Yup, you have more time to enjoy $75 off your December Segment 1 driver education. You can use JOY75 for Segment 1 classes starting in December, and it’s now valid through December 23rd.

This Means…

✅ More Time to Save: We understand that the holiday season can get insanely busy. With the extended time to use JOY75, you have until December 23rd get $75 in savings. And it’s for driver education, so It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

✅ Start Your 2024 Journey Right: With your Segment 1 class underway, you’ll be on the right track to start 2024 as a step closer to getting your driver’s license.

✅ Prepare for Winter Driving: Winter weather can bring unique challenges to the road. By starting your driver education now, you’ll be better prepared to navigate icy streets and snowy highways.

How to Use JOY75:

Using the JOY75 discount code is easy as figgy pudding! Visit the Segment 1 page. Click “ENROLL NOW” for your December 2024 class, and apply the promo code JOY75 at checkout.

Be sure to do so before Christmas Eve. Happy holidays and happy driving!