Official Driving School’s Holiday Savings Event

Well, somehow the holiday season is upon us already, and here at Official Driving School, we love to spread some cheer this time of year (I’m gonna stop rhyming, I promise!) with our Holiday Savings Event. We’re excited to offer you fine folks a special deal: $75 off your Segment 1 driver education when you use promo code JOY75 at checkout!

This offer is valid for Segment 1 classes starting this month, December, and it’s available until December 15th. So, why should you take advantage of this fantastic deal?

  1. Give the Gift of Freedom:

Imagine surprising your teen with the ultimate gift this season – the gift of learning to drive! With this discount, you can make their dreams of hitting the road come true.

  1. Beat the Winter Blues:

Winter can be challenging for drivers, especially new ones… And that’s a good thing! Starting your driver education now means you’ll be well-prepared to tackle icy roads and snowy streets.

  1. Prepare for the New Year:

With your Segment 1 class underway, you’ll be one step closer to ringing in the new year with the exciting prospect of getting your driver’s license.

  1. Save and Learn:

Our Holiday Savings Event lets you save while you learn the crucial life skill of driving. It’s a win-win situation!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to make your holiday driving dreams a reality! To claim your $75 discount, simply use promo code JOY75 at checkout when signing up for a Segment 1 class starting this December. Head on over to our Segment 1 page to get started. Happy Holidays!