OFFICIAL Talks Launches

Official Driving School Launches OFFICIAL Talks – A FREE Program to Educate Teen Drivers Across Michigan

The Official Driving School team is proud to announce the launch of our OFFICIAL Talks program, a new initiative that partners with schools and teen-based organizations to save teen driver lives through continued driver education and advocacy. This program is available to any interested Michigan community at NO COST.

While a high quality driver’s education course is the foundation for a lifetime of safe driving, the teenage brain is more prone to risky behaviors and peer pressures. As a community, we need to make driver’s education an ongoing process, requiring constant practice, vigilance and reminders from experienced drivers.

The OFFICIAL Talks program aims to take safe driving info into communities to encourage students to be safe on the roads. Through the OFFICIAL Talks program, our team can connect with your student body in person or virtually to share critical info on safe teen driving.

Our visual, engaging OFFICIAL Talks program includes:

  • Virtual and in person events including general assemblies, parent orientations, prom and homecoming kick offs, youth group events, and other speaking events at no cost
  • Prom and homecoming content to remind teens to make smart choices
  • Relevant statistics about teen drivers on the road in Michigan
  • An interactive, multiple choice Q&A with the audience
  • What would you do? Discussing real life situations on the road
  • Top Five Safe Driving “Takeaways”
  • Actionable next steps that every teen driver can take to keep the roads safe for everyone


Benny Malburg, President of Official Driving School

 Benny works as the President of OFFICIAL Driving School and Vice President at Driving Professionals Group. OFFICIAL Driving School boasts over 150 cars and teachers and 78 locations across Michigan. OFFICIAL Driving School trains and certifies new instructors for all driving schools in Michigan and works closely with the State of Michigan, local organizations, and other driving schools to provide the best trained instructors in the state. Benny also has a background in online tech and was one of the original team members at international startup, founded by actor Edward Norton, film producer Shauna Robertson and Moosejaw founders Robert and Jeffrey Wolfe. CrowdRise grew to 150+ employees with online users emerging around the world. CrowdRise was acquired by national fundraising platform in 2017. Benny has been a speaker for over 10 years and is the primary speaker for OFFICIAL Talks program to help save teen lives.

Gabe Hurley, Motivational Speaker

 In June of 2009, Gabe was the victim of a terrible car crash caused by a distracted teen driver in Edison, NJ. This car crash left him severely injured and completely blind. The car crash was caused by a group of teem drivers speeding and racing each other on the roads. A 17 year-old driver hit a bridge, dislodging a piece of metal from his car that crashed into Gabe’s windshield and struck him in the face.

Gabe’s life was completely transformed by the act of reckless teen drivers and he has endured a litany of medical procedures over the past 12 years as a result of the car crash.

Gabe and his family recently moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Gabe has made it his mission to speak to new drivers because this incident and others like them are totally preventable.  Gabe has spoken about his accident to over 100,00 students about his experience to date.

The Official Driving School Team is delighted to partner with Gabe to continue our shared mission of educating teen drivers about the impact of their actions when they are behind the wheel.


Interested in having the teen drivers in your community participate in an OFFICIAL TALKS PROGRAM? Please complete this short form and a member of the Official Driving School team will be in touch with you to discuss next steps.