Reality Check

Alright, listen up! We’ve all been either chilling on a beach, lazily floating in a buddy’s pool (getting a glorious tan with these 90 degree days we’ve been having) or we’ve been sitting chill indoors pounding down energy drinks and staying up playing video games until the sun comes up. This is summer, and it’s b-e-a-utiful. 

Whether we want to admit it or not, though, it’s time for a reality check. Summer vacation is at an end and school is literally happening in a few days. If you didn’t take the opportunity to do driver ed in the summer or you weren’t old enough to start driver ed (14 years and 8 months old), then check this out: You can still get done early in the school year and take advantage of our sweet, sweet Labor Day sale going on right now until the 9th of September! Us Code: LDAY