Official Driving School (Formerly Sears Driving School Michigan)

Driving Defensively

  DRIVING DEFENSIVELY   Understanding how to drive defensively can reduce a driver’s chances of being injured or killed in an automobile collision. That’s why it is so important for all of us to routinely teach defensive driving to our students. Although many students cannot fully comprehend and execute defensive driving principles (because they must …

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Parallel Parking - Sears Driving School Michigan

Parallel Parking

Since new drivers are all required to pass a skills test before becoming licensed, we must be sure to prepare students for all phases of the test. Parallel parking is a particularly challenging part of the road test, as it requires students to perform the parking and backing exercises in the off-road portion of the …

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Official Driving School (Formerly Sears Driving School Michigan)

Why Turn Here?

You have heard us talk about how it is best to have the students make a lot of turns during their lessons. At Official Driving School, we believe students driving straight for extended periods of time are not getting the maximum value from their lessons. Of course, left and right turns are a main staple …

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Official Driving School (Formerly Sears Driving School Michigan)

Beat the Heat

It’s hard to believe, but we have plenty of hot days ahead of us this summer. We will have to cope with the hazards of high temperatures, increased traffic, and glare. High temperatures take their toll on both the driver and the vehicle. And, of course, summer weather means increased cars on the road, families …

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Official Driving School (Formerly Sears Driving School Michigan)

Entering The Expressway

Unfortunately, the hardest part of expressway driving is the very first thing a student must do: merge. But with multiple practice entries, and instruction by Official Driving School, students can become proficient and confident at this initially intimidating maneuver. Simply put, an expressway merge is only a lane change, except the speed may be greater …

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