for Your School, Teachers and Programs

We go beyond the classroom. Every school knows what it’s like to have one of their own injured in a car accident.

We do more than just give kids the knowledge of how to drive. We work with our schools and parents to proactively keep teens safe on the road.

Why Work with Official Driving School?

We run the entire program, and with 40 plus years of experience and over 300,000 licensed teens, we’re really really good at it. 

We’re one of just five providers in Michigan that can train and certify your teachers for driver education.

Through speakers, messaging, and other forms of advocacy, we continue to reinforce critical, life saving lessons learned in our programs.

What are the Benefits?


Lucrative partnerships for your school in the forms of revenue shares, class rentals, program sponsorships, and donations.

Teacher Satisfaction

Increased teacher satisfaction through opportunities to make more money after school and over the summer.


Your parents and students need driver education. Don't make them fo to the school down the street.

About Official Driving School

Since the 1970s, Official Driving School, formerly Sears Driving School, has provided exceptional driver education. Our unique format encourages respect for teachers, students, and parents.

Our secret? We hire actual teachers who know how to educate kids on how to drive, which can be hard to find in today’s market. We don’t cut any corners. And, you won’t find another driving school that will match or responsiveness and integrity of customer service.
Driver Education is important and that’s why we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Let’s talk about what a program would look like at your school!