Reality Check

Alright, listen up! We’ve all been either chilling on a beach, lazily floating in a buddy’s pool (getting a glorious tan with these 90 degree days we’ve been having) or we’ve been sitting chill indoors pounding down energy drinks and staying up playing video games until the sun comes up. This is summer, and it’s …

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Ready to Cruise

It’s Dream Cruise Week here in Southeast Michigan! It feels like a holiday weekend around here. Some people have spent all year prepping their prized vehicles for the weekend’s big event. Before you head out this weekend, here are some fun facts about the Dream Cruise to impress your friends and family: The Woodward Dream …

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Drive IRL

(Alexa, play “Eye of the Tiger”.) It all comes down to this moment. Your whole life has led you to this. There is no try: there is only – do or do not. What am I talking about? Well, I’m glad you asked! So, what I’m saying is that if you want to finish your …

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