Become a Driving Instructor

Quality education begins with quality instructors. Official Driving School, formerly Sears Driving Schools, has developed a comprehensive curriculum that provides future drivers ed instructors with the knowledge, tools and insights to teach students how to drive safely, properly and with confidence for their entire lives. It is an important job.

Teaching others is a rewarding career, both in personal satisfaction and financially. With flexible part-time or full-time hours, drivers ed instructors have a positive impact on young drivers and earn substantial wages.

Under Michigan state law, all drivers education instructors must complete the Instructor Preparation Progam (IPP). Official Driving School offers a premium IPP program, essential for earning certification by the State of Michigan. We offer payment plans and special incentives for top-tier graduates.

  • Flexible schedule
  • Earn part-time or full-time
  • Excellent summer job
  • Opportunity to teach
  • Impart a positive impact on young drivers
  • Be part of a dynamic, growing organization
  • Payment plans available
  • Special incentives for top-tier graduates

Course Commitment

Official Driving School offers two class formats to accommodate your schedule:

  • 16 Week Course
  • Speed Course – three week intensive training over holidays/weekends.

Instructor Commitment

Official Driving School instructors must complete the required coursework and also connect with students to impart the knowledge and teach the skills that their lives will literally depend on. If you have the desire to teach, to have a lasting impact on people’s lives, contact Official Driving School today.