Be Prepared

Prepare yourself and your vehicle for any circumstance or event. Michigan road conditions and unpredictable weather make it difficult to prepare for every situation possible, but having extra emergency items in your vehicle, can help you feel ready for anything! Do you know how to check your washer fluid? How about how to change a tire? Have you ever done a tire pressure test or looked at your engine oil level? These practical skills come in super handy when you are on the road. You should be able to do these quickly to help lessen the chances of breaking down on the side of the road. And if you do have a breakdown situation, then knowing these things will help you get yourself back on the road without having to spend extra money on a roadside assistance service. In addition, here’s few things to keep in your vehicle, as “just in case” items: 

  • Jumper cables – these help you to jumpstart a dead battery.
  • Ice scraper – obviously a seasonal item, but most of us Michiganders know to keep one all year round… just in case. 
  • Cell phone charger – you never want to be left stranded with a dead cell phone.
  • Blanket – super handy for any season that’s not summer in Michigan.
  • Tire pressure gauge – that way you can check your tire pressure on the fly if needed. This can help prevent damage to the tire, rim or yourself. 

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