Don’t Fool Yourself: Your Brain Under 25 Years Old


The month of May we are talking about all things Prom, and the safest way to have the best time. Check out our first post about some really fun and safe ways to handle your transportation if you’re traveling in a large group. this week we’ll be focusing on how to have a safe, fun Prom while also staying safe if you aren’t going to and from in a large group setting.  

It’s important to have fun, but don’t fool yourself! It’s even more important to be safe – otherwise no one will have fun! Prom is a party and at parties emotions are high. In other words, it can be super easy to just let loose and get caught up in all the hype of a public event (even if you’re not technically at the event itself yet). This year the hype is even more real ‘cuz we are coming out of a 2 year period of lockdowns and social distancing. “So, what?”,  right? When emotions run high, logic runs low… like really low. Did you know the human brain isn’t even fully developed until the age of 25!? Which means that if you’re under 25 years old, you aren’t thinking at full capacity even on your best, most focused days. And THAT means that as a teen driver, it’s a really good idea to keep this in mind and make a plan to limit the amount of distractions that you could be exposed to when driving. This can be things like planning a route ahead of time, so you don’t need to touch your phone to and from Prom. Also, be sure to clearly communicate to your passenger(s) to leave the dancing for the dance floor, and wear a seatbelt at all times. Oh, and of course, obey the speed limit. 

Remember: your actions affect the world around you. Earlier this year we did an OFFICIAL Talk with Gabe Hurley. He’s the victim of reckless teen driving during a time of high emotion for teens i.e. “last day of school”, and has an amazing story to tell about that day and the importance of driving intentionally safe. You can check it out here

Stay tuned next week where we’ll talk all things D.R.I.P.