Don’t Forget Your D.R.I.P.

The month of May we are talking about all things prom and the safest way to have the best time. Check out our first post about some really fun and safe ways to handle your transportation if you’re traveling in a large group. And our second post where we talk about not getting caught up in the hype and remembering your stats to help you stay safe. Now this week… It’s all about the D.R.I.P.

The tux. The dress. The weird things with the weird names we awkwardly pin to expensive, rented tux coats and wear on wrists for some reason. For decades prom has been THE night for everyone to be a lil’ extra and show off their drip. While sequins, hair extensions, and golden tuxedos are great for flexin’, they aren’t gonna help you be safe and and have fun at prom. So, naturally we’ve come up with our own D.R.I.P. that will help you do that. If you haven’t guessed yet, we’re teeing you up for an acronym!

Determine your ride: Plan your wheels! Are you in. a big group? Have everyone pitch in for a limo or party bus to and from the dance. Driving solo or with just your date? Plan things like your route and your music ahead of time as well as just putting your phones on Do Not Disturb while driving.

Remember your stats: You’re only human. And a human that doesn’t have a fully developed brain until you’re 25 years old. This means it’s even harder to think logically during times of high emotion.

Ignore peer pressure: You and your friends are pumped! That’s awesome, you should be; it is prom after all. But, when you’re in the car, TikTok and IG can wait a few minutes. Don’t get pulled into the “fun” of posting while driving – It’s not worth it.

Party like it’s 1999: Okay, assuming you’re actually at the dance. You did all the tux and dress fittings, the pictures on someone’s lawn or living room, and you arrived safely. Now’s the time to have all the fun! It’s what you’re all there for. So, get on the dance floor, laugh ’till it hurts and make some happy memories with your friends that you’ll remember for many years to come!