Driving in Subzero Temps: A Guide for Parents

As the temperature drops, we here at OFFICIAL Driving School have some tips to help you and your budding driver (soon-to-be-driver) navigate the extremely chilly subzero temperatures.

  1. Bundle Up:

First things first, the car isn’t the only one needing some extra warmth. Make sure your teen is dressed for the icy occasion with warmer than usual clothing and gloves. You know, some stuff that’s a little thicker/insulated than usual. A chilly car can make focusing on the road a real challenge, so a cozy teen is a safe teen. Also, if the vehicle breaks down or needs roadside assistance, that extra insulation is crucial while waiting for help to arrive. 

  1. Car Care Checklist:

Now, let’s give your teen’s ride some TLC:

Check the Battery: 

Cold weather can be brutal on batteries. Ensure it’s charged and in good shape.

Proper Tire Pressure:

Cold air can shrink those tires. Check the pressure and make sure they’re inflated correctly.

Fluids Are Friends:

Make sure there’s plenty of antifreeze, wiper fluid, and oil to keep things running smoothly. Also, gas! When it’s super cold, it’s a super bad idea to let an almost empty to even a quarter tank of gas sit overnight. Fill up a little to make sure you don’t get frozen gas!

Emergency Kit:

A warm blanket, flashlight, and some non-perishable snacks can be lifesavers in case of a breakdown.

Start the Engine Early:

You wouldn’t run a marathon after sleeping out in the cold all night, would you? No! So, why would you make your vehicle? In subzero temperatures, you really need to make sure the vehicle’s engine and fluids are warmed up before travel.

  1. Icy Roads, Not Icy Moves:

Remind your teen to take it slow and steady. Icy roads are no place for speed demons. Encourage them to leave extra space between cars, brake gently, and avoid sudden movements. After all, it’s not a race; it’s about arriving safely.

Now that you’ve got the cold-weather lowdown, why not warm up to the idea of enrolling your teen in Official Driving School’s Segment 1 driver education? It’s the perfect way to ensure they’re prepared for all seasons, including the frosty ones. Don’t let subzero temps catch you off guard – prepare your teen to navigate winter roads like a pro! 🚗❄️