Halloween Reminders

“Spooky, spooky skeletons…” – Anybody else have that dang song relentlessly stuck in their head!? No? Just me?… cool. Anyyyywayyssss, as you know, it’s Halloween tonight and that means it’s gonna be hazard city out there tonight. If you’re driving anywhere be extra super duper careful and to use the S.E.E. method.

“What’s that?” you ask? Well I’ll tell you! It means “Search” + “Evaluate” + “Execute”. Tonight is a night where: people are most likely not going to be wearing bright or reflective clothing at night, kids of all ages and sizes will be crossing streets, and people probably not putting safety first. All the more important that you are constantly “Searching” for unsafe (even potentially unsafe) scenarios with not just other vehicles, but also pedestrians. “Evaluate” every scenario (actively think and analyze) and appropriately “Execute” an action based on your evaluation. This is a simple method that can be a life saver! And no, not the candy kind.