It’s Homecoming Season

It’s Homecoming season! For those of you in high school that are experiencing Homecoming for the very first time – I envy you. It’s so much fun, because it’s more of a week-long festival than a dance night. You’ve got various fun happenings going on all week at school and to end things off in a crescendo with the big Homecoming game… and the dance itself, of course.

You may be looking for a group for the dance already, and while groups are super fun, they can also be super dangerous if the driver is a teen driver. So, for those of you who are driving, here are 3 super duper important things to do/remember:

  • Everyone wears their seatbelt! I know –  “Duh, right?”, but you’d be surprised what you forget in the moment. 
  • We recommend that there is only one other person in the vehicle as the chances of an accident increase exponentially the more people you add. 
  • Make a Homecoming playlist, when it is time to go to and from the dance, it’s a set-it-and-forget-it thing. (That’s a pro tip BTW) 
  • I know I said three, so here’s a bonus. Find a way to have an adult drive you so you can travel with a larger group! Think of it like you’re royalty and they’re your royal driver! Oh, and also, don’t forget to have fun!