Do The OFFICIAL Pinky Promise

“Did we just become best friends!?” A new school year has started and for many of you that means that you are meeting new people and making new friends. And for me, one of the main motivators for getting a driver license was to be able to drive around with at least one friend all on my own. And while that is really fun and all that, it also comes with some added risk.

Sure, you might be able to drive safely by yourself while you’re just focusing on the road, but what about having a conversation at the same time? If your buddy is in the passenger seat, that conversation is most likely hilarious and you’ll be laughing and having a good time. Sounds awesome, right? Well, for anyone really, but especially for newer drivers, it is really, really dangerous when your attention is split between focusing on the road, laughing and joking around or even jamming out to loud music!

Here’s the thing: Friends don’t let friends drive reckless. When you get in a vehicle the first thing (after buckling up, of course) you should do is “Pinky Promise” to help each other be safe on the road rather than be a dangerous distraction. Pinky Promise to each other to be an extra set of eyes and ears. Trust me: it’s SO worth it!