PROM! Alternative Transportation

Jumping off of Distracted Driver Awareness Month, we are now talking about all things prom and the safest way to have the best time. We know that the important stuff always gets handled first: the location, the date, and the outfit. But, we tend to forget about the “main character”… Transportation! Here are some fun and safe ways to make sure you have the prom of a lifetime and get home safely:


Low key the most baller way to show up at prom is to have a huge group in a party bus. If you have a big enough group, it can be pretty cost efficient; and it allows you to get warmed up for the big night with a hella sound system, lights, and a place to store snacks and water for before or after the big event. 


Ride sharing isn’t just for parents anymore! You can request luxury service for a fraction of the cost of a party bus by requesting UberBLACK or UberSUV options within the Uber app.


Does your parent or a friend’s parent own a large SUV? Would they be willing to drive you to and from the dance? Maybe two parents can share the responsibility of getting you back and forth, safe and sound! Big flex – it’s FREE! Just make sure you thank them repeatedly for being so awesome. 


Are the new thing. Do you live in a downtown area? Try scootering to prom. How cool to show up at your dance, full tux or gown, and hop off a scooter, ready to rock. Check in your area to see if this would be an option for you at your prom.


Romantic and environmentally friendly. Grab some bikes, and take a stroll while listening to your favorite pump up music. 


Who says you need to go to the actual dance! Have some friends over, create a lit playlist, order too many pizzas and have your own prom in the safety of your basement! Pro Tip: Wear sweats and forget the stuffy tux, dress, and awkward pictures in someone’s yard. 

However you decide to get to prom, make sure you are staying safe and being responsible. Next week we will be covering more safety tips and preventable mistakes to keep you safe during prom season.