The June Recap

Surprise! June is coming to a close and we’ll soon be lighting up the sky with fireworks! Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s be sure we go over what we learned in June…

Our first post for June, we discussed the importance of keeping focused on your surroundings, and not totally lettin’ loose just because school is out. Secondly, we reminded you (and here we are doing it again!) that you could start your driver ed classes right as you get out of school and be done with the in-class part of driver ed by the time school starts in the fall. And though you won’t get done that soon if you start right now, you could still be early enough to claim bragging rights! And most recently we discussed the importance of being super aware of motorcycles and bicyclists while you’re behind the wheel. Give motorcycles extra space and don’t have your music so loud you can’t hear one approaching from behind your vehicle. Oh, check you blind spots too! Also, be on the lookout for hand signals from the rider that indicate their intentions to others on the road. 

Let’s get real for a quick sec, okay? We really care about you and your safety on the road. Please have fun, but let’s be smart too… That being said, July is when people finally get settled into the “summertime mindset”. If you’re a teen,  you don’t have much longer to enjoy 3 month long vacations in the summer every year. So, make it count people! Haha Okay. Go have fun, stay safe and see you in July!