Sign up for Segment 1

Students must be minimally 14 years and 8 months, students over 18 will not receive Certificate of Completion and must have correct documentation for driving portion.


It’s super important that you have a valid Birth Certificate or State ID, which could be a Passport, to verify your student’s information. Students have to pass an eye exam, so make sure to do that before they start driver ed if it has been a while.


Begin Segment 1: It Has 12 Classroom Sessions

livestream or in-person depending on the location you choose. Each session is 2 hours.


After Completing the First Day of Class You Will Be Able to Begin Signing Up for Your Behind the Wheel Drives (In-Car Lessons)

Students must complete all 6 drives and 4 observation hours within 6 weeks of the class beginning.


Students Will Take Their In-Person Written Test on Session 12

in order to take their test they must have minimally 3 out of the 6 drives completed.


Once Students Have Completed All 12 Class Sessions, 6 Behind the Wheel Drives and Observations AND Passed the Test – They May Request their Segment 1 Certificate of Completion Through their Student Portal

This will be emailed within 3-5 business days.


Once a Student Has Been Emailed and Has Printed their Certificate of Completion

They Will Need to Go to the Secretary of State with the required documentation to apply for their Level 1 License.

You’ll receive this license from the Secretary of State, please know that this license means the student can only drive with a licensed driver over 21. And, you cannot start driving until you get this.


Begin Driving with a Parent, Guardian or Licensed Driver Over the Age of 21 and Logging Your Hours

All set?
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Day 1 is mandatory. If a student misses the first class they will have to re-enroll into a different segment 1 with an re-enrollment fee. If a different class is missed there are makeup classes available, HOWEVER they do cost extra and may extend the completion time of the class and when a certificate can be given.

You can go into your student portal and within the drive on your schedule you can cancel the drive, if you cancel within 48 hours of the scheduled drive time there will be a $30 fee. Once you have canceled the drive you will be able to reschedule into open slots.

No, unfortunately our cancellation fee is to make sure your instructor receives their compensation for the drive that you canceled since they then do not receive this time.

*any specific situations will be reviewed by a manger

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee any specific schedule for your drives, our instructor put in their schedule and it does require flexibility to make sure these get completed.

The requirements for 18 and older do not require you to do Segment 1 or 2. You will need to go to the SOS to get an Adult Temporary Instruction Permit which after having had for 30 days makes you eligible to take your Road Test.

  • Must have a camera on at all times with the student sitting close enough for the instructor to easily see all facial features.
  • Must have a working microphone.
  • Display full legal name on Zoom screen.
  • Entire face must be visible at all times.
  • Room in which the student sits must be well lit.
  • Hats and hoods are not to be worn during class.
  • Student’s attention must be on the class at all times.
  • Texting and other non-class related activities on the phone are not allowed.
  • Students can not have a TV on or be talking to other people in the room in which they sit or have conversations with other students in the virtual classroom.
  • Student’s must be sitting in a chair and sitting at a table or desk with a pen/pencil and paper to take notes.
  • Students cannot be in a vehicle, sitting on a bed, sitting on the floor, or walking around.

We encourage that you sign up at the location nearest to you. If you need to drive at another location from your class, you will need to call us prior to the class for these arrangements.