Special Services & Evaluations

At Official Driving School we believe that everyone should have access to quality instruction in order to pursue the dream of driving.  One of the first steps in learning to drive is deciding whether you are ready to drive. If you’d like to setup a time for your evaluation, then call: 248.548.8000, Ext: 711


This meeting is designed as an information gathering event.  We will help a student, family and support staff understand the driver education process.  We will discuss what support the student may need, what we can provide and provide a plan for training.  Home study materials will be provided to help the student prepare for further training.

Basic Driving Evaluation

This 2 hour session evaluates a licensed drivers current abilities.  We spend a short time gathering background, driving history and medical information in a clinical setting. While on the road we will cover all driving environments and traffic conditions. We assess the driver’s reaction time, visual perception, processing speed, driving habits and adherence to traffic laws. A final report will be provided with recommendations to referral agency and driver.

Full Driving Evaluation

Our full evaluation provides an in depth look at a person’s Cognitive and Physical abilities to become a licensed driver or return to driving. It includes a full medical history, driving history as well as a testing of vision, cognition, reaction time and processing ability. 

Your driving lessons will be provided by a state licensed and certified driver educator.  All of our teachers are professional, caring and ready to help you learn to be the best driver you can be.  Lessons are offered with pick up and drop off service at an extra cost.