A New Driver’s Guide to Navigating Roundabouts

Today, we’re delving into an important topic for those just starting their journey behind the wheel: roundabouts. These circular intersections are becoming increasingly common, and mastering them is a valuable skill for safe and confident driving. So, let’s put on

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Official Talks

Official Talks: Pam Woods

If you didn’t know, Official Driving School has a really cool segment called Official Talks, and there’s a new one out now! This time Pam Woods with Families Against Distracted Driving stopped by to share a bit about her family’s

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Arts, Beats & Eats Hits Royal Oak 2023

Get ready for a mega dose of fun as Arts, Beats & Eats takes over Royal Oak this Labor Day weekend! This fest of arts, music, and seriously delicious bites, and guess what? Official Driving School is all in! Royal

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The OFFICIAL Summer Check In

It’s OFFICIAL, it’s July! That sweet spot of summer vacation. Well, vacation for some of us, because here at Official Driving School things are crazy busy with all of you getting your Segment 1 and Segment 2 classes done during

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