3 Things “they” Don’t Teach You in Driver Ed

Official Driving School takes a “holistic approach” to driver education through the classroom curriculum of Segment 1 and Segment 2, In-Car Lessons, Blogs and How-To’s. As part of this approach to driver education, every so often we like to do little posts like this one where we talk about “the little things” you might not pick up from a classroom curriculum. So, here’s 3 things you (might not) have known about the day-to-day of driving:

  1. Did you know that you can easily adjust the rearview mirror so you don’t have to get “blinded” at night by the reflection of headlamps from the vehicle behind you? There’s a little knob or lever at the bottom of the rearview mirror that when pushed/pulled puts the rearview mirror in “day mode” or “night mode”!
  2. Getting low on fuel? Some things you can do to conserve fuel while en route to the gas station are: drive steady without accelerating or decelerating aggressively, turn off the AC to ease the requirements put on the engine and roll up the windows to reduce wind drag on the car.
  3. Your neck is not made of rubber… so don’t “rubberneck”! Rubbernecking is a term used to describe the gawking phenomenon that happens when there’s an accident or a police officer conducting a traffic stop. People slow to a crawl and get a look at what’s going on on the side of the road. This is really dangerous and can cause more accidents, so mind your business and keep your eyes on the road!