Back 2 School 2022

Why, hello September! We had an amazing summer and are looking forward to having an amazing Fall season as well. I hope you had a fun, relaxing and memorable summer vacation either out in the sun or in beautiful air conditioning… ‘cuz that party is over! Everyone is back in school now and a whole new party is starting; especially for those of you who are starting your first day of high school and going back in person too!

As a high schooler, your schedule is always going to be wildly crazy packed, but you’re still going to need to fit one more thing in; driver education! Good news is that you’re able to take the classroom portion of driver ed virtually, so you don’t have to take up 10, 20 or 30 minutes each way of you and your driver’s time just traveling to and from the class. It’s a mega time saver and we highly recommend it. Learn more on our Segment 1 page!