Four Hoof Drive

In 1232, there once was a lad named Geoffrey – a young man, really. Every fortnight he would travel to his fellows in the nearest village, which Geoffrey traveled in no less than three days’ time, because all Geoffrey had was four-hoof-drive… his horse named, Jerry. Don’t get stuck with four-hoof-drive like Geoffrey. Take driver education and learn how to really travel. I mean, take a trip to the Renaissance Festival in the next few weeks and check out how slow all those medieval people are going on horseback!

If we were in some sort of post-apocalyptic situation, then you’d probably be the coolest person in town riding up to school on horseback while everyone else is walking. It might seem silly, but getting to school is important, no matter how you get there! But, thankfully the apocalypse hasn’t happened. Lol So, if you are ready to get out of the Dark Ages and into a class, check out our Segment 1 page! We have new locations opening constantly, and we could be offering classes right in your neighhh-borhood (Sorry, I had to have one last horse joke)!