Homecoming! Tips on Staying Safe and Avoiding Distracted Driving

Homecoming!! It’s time to dress your best, dance your heart out, and make amazing memories. But before you hit the dance floor, let’s talk about staying safe on the road to and from the dance. Official Driving School has put together some essential tips to keep your Homecoming Dance both fun and safe:

  1. Quick Car Check:

Before you head out, give your car a once-over. Are the tires good? Lights working? Brakes sharp? This quick check can save you from unexpected road bumps.

  1. Plan Your Path:

While navigation apps are handy, fiddling with your phone while driving isn’t (and illegal in Michigan). Plan your route in advance. Save the location in your phone’s maps app and look at the route yourself as well to help you visualize the route. 

  1. Early Departure:

No need to rush. Leave a bit early to ensure you arrive on time without stressing. You won’t need to check your phone for the time or speed. And even if you are running late, just enjoy the journey and follow the rules of the road. Safety first!

  1. Phone Out of Reach:

Texts and calls can wait. Keep your phone somewhere out of reach while driving – glove compartment, bag, or use a phone mount. If you’ve got friends with you, designate a texting copilot.

  1. Volume Control:

Crank up the music… sort of. Blasting tunes can be distracting. Keep it at a level where you can still hear the road. If you haven’t made the perfect Homecoming playlist, then your copilot is also Chief of Jams and Tunes, not you. 

  1. Passengers and Chats:

If you’re driving friends, remember, too much chatter can be a distraction and very dangerous, even. Let  your friends know they need to keep the conversation chill enough that you can stay focused on the road; after all the party is on the dance floor! 

Keep these tips in mind and you can have a blast at Homecoming. Always prioritize safety… and that being said… let Homecoming begin!