Summer Check In

Holy cow, how is it already August? Summer is moo-ing by, and I hope you’ve been living your best life! We sure have!! This summer is probably the most fun we’ve had. We’ve been going on the news, hanging out with y’all in the community and making vids for the gram (that’s Instagram for the… mature folks). We’re shedding some light on hazards new drivers will experience out on the roadways including – pedestrians, bikes, motorcycles, and reckless drivers. Are you feeling prepared and ready to take on these new challenges? Always make sure to give yourself time and space while driving, keep your distractions to a minimum and be aware of your surroundings.

Practicing these simple habits will make you confident behind the wheel, and keep you safe on the road. Speaking of feeling confident, have you seen our “How To’s” on Instagram? We wanted to make videos that were quick, easy and useful. We hope they give you confidence to tackle minor car issues on your own! Check ’em out here if you haven’t yet!!