The BIG Game

The “Big Game” is this weekend! You know which one… rhymes with “cooper roll” (I can’t write the actual word here thanks to something called trademark). So, with the game being such a major event for millions of people will be out trying to get the last chips and salsa before rushing to get to their friend/family member’s house to meet for a “cooper roll” party.

Here at Official Driving School we’ve talked about this type of scenario before. That scenario being a high traffic volume inducing event coupled with heightened emotions causing a mass impairment of judgment when it comes to road safety. And that’s without the factor of people drinking and driving or texting and driving during this time. 

We want nothing more than for everyone to share the road and have fun responsibly this weekend. So, here’s a quick checklist for your weekend to do so in no particular order:

  • If you’re bringing a dish to share to a party, then don’t wait ‘till the last minute.
  • Not sure exactly how to get to the party? Store the address in your phone’s GPS beforehand and let Siri or Cortana guide you.
  • Make a playlist of game time songs so you don’t need to fuss over tunes on the go.
  • Limit the number of people in the vehicle. Too much fun in a moving vehicle is VERY dangerous. 
  • Give yourself time. There’s no need to rush or feel rushed. Plan your departure. This makes focusing on driving safely easier. 
  • Don’t text and drive. 
  • However careful you were on the way there, be doubly so on the way home.
  • Have fun!