Core Values

One of our biggest goals this year is to really put our Core Values in the spotlight. What are our core values? I’m glad you asked! 

OFFICIAL Driving School’s Core Values are:

We strive for excellence because what we do is important

Formalized driver education has proven to save lives. That is a huge deal to us. That’s why we strive for excellence in everything we do here. 

We make every encounter engaging

No one likes a boring learning environment, and people tend to retain and learn information better when they’re having fun and feeling like they are actively engaged in the learning experience.

We do what we say with urgency, honesty and integrity

I mean these are just rules to live by! 

We respect: people, time, values and needs

We know that people’s lives are crazy busy these days and especially so if you are a teen or a parent/guardian with a teen(s). So it’s crucial that we do this. Because…

We care

All of the above would fall apart in a week if this wasn’t part of our Core Values. All of the above exists because we care. Period.