Looking to the Future

You know that thing where it’s a new year and everyone starts looking at past events and seeing where we are now compared to then? Well, Ford just recently said that they’re having a “Model T Moment” with their Lightning model of the ever popular F-150. As a company that uses A LOT of vehicles (no pun intended), this peeked my interest.

It doesn’t even need to be said that vehicles today are so much more improved from the Model T that they’re practically spaceships in comparison. So, what does this mean for the Ford Lightning? We’re really excited for the future of the automotive industry. Vehicles continue to get new technologies implemented into them that make the people more and more safe. 

If you haven’t noticed, a BIG part of our mission is teaching people not just how to pass their various tests so they can eventually be a licensed driver, but also to teach them how to be safe and use new technologies in the vehicle that can help to that end. For example: the rear facing cameras in newer model cars. So, we’ll be keeping an eye on this new and developing era in vehicles for the next few years!