Thank You for a Great 2022

“Thank you” – It’s something that’s not really said enough these days. We can’t say it enough though! 2022 was the year it was for because of the collective. What do I mean? I mean the effort that everyone put in, the opportunities we had to partner with companies and news outlets to get the word out about the critical importance of formalized driver education programs for teens. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank every instructor, no matter if you taught online, did drives with students, or did in-person classes. We truly have the best driving instructors around! 

A BIG thank you to News 10, NPR radio morning show with Shelly Irwin, Fox 2 and 17, WXYZ Channel 7 and 20, Local 4 and Newsweek. And special thanks to MIA and TrypScore for being amazing partners and collaborators. We had so much fun with all of you in 2022 and are grateful that you helped bring awareness to the teen driving crisis.

Thank you all!! Here’s to an even bigger and better 2023!