Core Values

One of our biggest goals this year is to really put our Core Values in the spotlight. What are our core values? I’m glad you asked! OFFICIAL Driving School’s Core Values are: We strive for excellence because what we do is important Formalized driver education has proven to save lives. That is a huge deal …

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Presidents and Cars

Hey, it’s President’s Day! As we celebrate the leaders who have shaped this great nation, we thought it’d be fun to take a look at the cars that they drove. From classic models to modern luxury vehicles, the cars driven by past presidents may provide a glimpse into their personalities and lifestyles. Here are a …

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July Wrap Up

The summer season here at OFFICIAL has been great – we’re having a blast! And now it’s that time of year when we all are starting to feel the summer come to an end as August approaches. Can you believe it!? Time really flies at supersonic speed when you’re having fun! We’ve talked about how …

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